Friday, November 05, 2004


This is the first post in my new Blog, which is devoted to the development and use of my three-manual drawstop organ console purchased last week on eBay. The console will be used to interface with the Hauptwerk pipe organ simulator created by Martin Dyde. You can find the details at For the last 9 months I have been using Hatupwerk with my 1995 Johannus Etude 2-manual organ.

Details on the new console

End faces: solid teak
Key table: solid teak
Case top: teak-veneered marine ply
Stop-jamb panels: light oak
Other case-parts: teak-veneered marine ply
Pedal-board: Beech pedals, solid teak case

56 Kimber-Allen solenoid drawstops with black shafts and white plastic heads, 1 5/8" diameter

14 Kimber-Allen square-base toe pistons, antique brass finish

6 general pistons, 6 pistons to each department

Keyboards: wooden-cored, K-A contact system (to be replaced), plastic key tops. Solid-oak end-cheeks, brass hinges (allowing easy access)

Expression: Single solid-teak pedal (with no mechanism or electronics so basically useless)

MIDI hardware - currently none.

I have not yet taken delivery of this console. It is presently in Spalding, Lincs and awaiting collection. I will be travelling to Spalding from Guisborough with my brother (driving) and my workplace site supervisor (Paul) who will be helping with roping the console, which is extremely heavy.

Departure scheduled 11:00 am tomorrow